Charles on the Issues

Rep. Jeter believes there needs to be a focus on the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)/Rural Planning Organization (RPO) system to ensure consistency in how state transportation funds are spent. He will also continue to follow the implementation of the transportation reform bill he passed in order to ensure that roads are built where people and businesses are located and not where politicians live.

Rep. Jeter believes that previous General Assemblies put the state in a precarious financial position by running up large tabs to the federal government, borrowing $2.8 billion to pay unemployment benefits and sky-rocketing Medicare debts. Unfortunately, the victims in these debt choices have been the hard-working teachers in this state. Rep. Jeter will continue to work to address the state's past due credit card bills in an effort to direct revenue toward better teacher compensation bringing NC more in line with national averages. He further plans to work to continue the transition from traditional textbooks and utilize technology that will allow for greater access at reduced costs.

Rep. Jeter will continue to work to pursue the absolute goal that everyone who wants to work, can. He believes it is important to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in order to ensure that the children of North Carolina are prepared to capitalize on the jobs of tomorrow. Rep. Jeter will continue to lead the effort to position North Carolina to become the commerce hub of the southeastern United States.